Artwork by Joseph F. Morey, Jr.


Artist's Statement: Why so many different works?

The beginning of art for me was
figure drawing: the gesture.
Don’t artists need a body of work that shows their consistency, focus, “voice”, and other qualities that indicate professionalism?

A consistent body of work is valued by gallery owners who want to assess the marketability of an artist. Their goal is to establish a brand upon which future sales can be built, which cannot be done if each piece is different, or if there is no simple way of describing the works to potential buyers. However, I also get this question in another form from those not thinking about marketing; there is surprise that a variety of work is from one artist.

The only form of consistency that has meaning to me is the display of skill; the professionalism of making art not selling it. My essential talent, developed through long years of practice, is drawing. Drawings may be a preliminary for other works, but may also be composed, finished works. Paintings are rarely done entirely from life, but use both drawing and photographic references. I made the decision long ago to use only my own photographs as references, which means being a photographer also.

There is some consistency in subjects; the figure and landscapes, but each medium requires an adjustment in style.